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Welcome to the home of Stress Balls and Shapes

We can make anything you want, if you don’t see the shape you need just ask!

We love stress, so give us some now with your crazy deadlines and insane price demands... we reserve the right to be even better than you ask.

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Some of the bestselling items over the last 12 months.
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Latest additions: EGG, HEXAGONE
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Crabs, Lobsters, Octopus… they are all on our menu… yum yum, but then we have Dolphin and Whale too oh dear better not go there so let's stick to just squeezing them eh!
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Unlike our customers this lot are a right bunch of animals, no need to keep them at arms length though all of them are tame and love to be squeezed.
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No risk of injury in our sports zone, our balls may be small but they are squeezable, you are sure to score a hit with these popular items.
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These aren’t just PU food shaped stress items, these are the finest lovingly hand painted, mouth watering stress food shapes expertly imported and hand packed to satisfy your stress relief hunger.
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More body parts than Dr Frankenstein’s lab and more pills and potions than my granny's bathroom cabinet. Perfect for the health industry.
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Christmas and Halloween items, I can't enthuse about this as I always go away for Christmas don’t you? Be sure to take a stress Santa to the airport so you can keep your cool in the massive queues.
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This is how it all started the original stress balls and still a top seller. Colours?… the world's your oyster… now there’s an idea a pearl coloured stress ball!
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We have phones 4 you in this stress phone warehouse. We also have phone holders, computer mice, computers and TV’s. Great for promotions,it’s a no brainer rather like the people who sell you the real things (you know what I mean).
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Due to the price of oil these days all our stress travel items carry a 10% fuel surcharge (well if the airlines can do it why not) but seriously did you know stress toys are made entirely from oil.
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Squeezy Fun

A toilet you can't flush, a cup of coffee you can't drink... is this someone’s idea of fun? Or is it a collection of all the stress shapes we couldn’t easily categorise. Make your own mind up, there’s plenty to see.
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Direct From the Stress Factory

We ship by air direct from our Chinese factory in 3 to 4 weeks for most quantities and shapes.

Are you looking for more ideas?... call today and one of our sales team will be happy to help you find the perfect solution.
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